Giant V452T / Xtra Loader | Agriculture

V452T HD - Bale forks
Giant V452T / Xtra Loader | Agriculture
Giant V452T / Xtra Loader | Agriculture
Compact Wheeled Loaders

Giant V452T / Xtra Loader | Agriculture

Introducing the powerful, compact and fast V452T HD. As TOBROCO-GIANT's best seller, the V452T was introduced to the wheeled loader range to provide high-speed machines with 12 tonnes axles and a bigger gear pump with a driving speed of 28KM/H and increased pulling force. This Heavy Duty range come with V452T 45hp Kubota engines. See below for the machine specs. If you are looking for a higher tipping load, the V452T also comes in the XTRA version. Thanks to its extra low front frame, the tipping load is increase to 2700kg compared to the standard model of 2200kg.

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Product models available

Part no Driving Speed Tipping Load Lift Capacity Weight Lifting Height Select
452HDXG 28KM/H 2200kg 1800kg 2770kg 2964
V452THDG 28KM/H 2700kg 2250kg 2770kg 2498

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