Ilmer ZMG-Series Mowers

Ilmer ZMG-Series Mowers

Ilmer ZMG-Series Mowers
Ilmer ZMG Mower Series Kirkland UK
Ilmer ZMG Mower Series Kirkland UK Mulch Spray Combination
Ilmer ZMG Mower Series Kirkland UK

Ilmer ZMG-Series Mowers

The Ilmer ZMG-Series mowers provides you with an optional spray-mow combination or front/ rear mount option. The extreme blade overcut design allows for maximum cutting performance at high speeds. The range of ZMG mowers have a cutting width from 120cm - 280cm. See below for the different models available.

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Product models available

Part no Cutting Width Side Shift (cm) Weight Power Width Select
ZMG-120 120cm / 380kg 22hp 125cm
ZMG-160 160cm 15 + 15 430kg 24hp 165cm
ZMG-180 180cm 15 + 15 450kg 30hp 185cm
ZMG-210 210cm 15 + 15 470kg 35hp 215cm
ZMG-220 220cm 15 + 15 485kg 37hp 225
ZMG-230 230cm 15 + 15 490kg 40hp 235cm
ZMG-240 240cm 15 + 15 510kg 43hp 245
ZMG-250 250cm 15 + 15 520kg 45hp 255cm
ZMG-260 260cm 15 + 15 545kg 47hp 265cm
ZMG-280 280cm 15 + 15 575kg 50hp 285cm

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