Orizzonti Reversible Mulcher MIX/REV

Orizzonti Reversible Mulcher MIX/REV

MIX Reverse Mulcher
Orizzonti Reversible Mulcher MIX/REV

Orizzonti Reversible Mulcher MIX/REV

This Orizzonti Mulcher MIX/REV is one of their most robust machines. Ideal for work on grass, vineyards or orchards with a cutting diameter 5-7cm. This mulcher is fitted with double reinforced internal sheet structure to cope with large impacts and an adjustable rear roller to give you the ideal working height along with rear rakes. This mulcher can be either front or rear mounted.

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Requirements: Tractors from 20-30hp

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Product models available

Part no Dimensions Weight Power Select
MIX REV 145 160x105 h 46 cm 525 30/70 hp
MIX REV 160 175x105 h 46 cm 560 30/70 hp
MIX REV 180 195x105 h 46 cm 630 40/70 hp
MIX REV 200 220x105 h 46 cm 670 40/70 hp
MIX REV 225 240x105 h 46 cm 775 40/70 hp

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