Orvin Rotorvator Flash

Orvin Rotorvator Flash

Orvin Rotorvator Flash
Orvin Flash Rotorvator
Orvin Rotorvator Flash
Orvin Rotorvator Flash

Orvin Rotorvator Flash

This Flash Rotorvator is ideal for vineyard/ orchard maintenance, available in 4 models with the cutting width varying from 1400mm to 1800mm.

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Product models available

Part no Cutting Width (mm) HP Width A (mm) Depth B (mm) Height C (mm) Blade Angle N° Select
FFH140 1400 25/40 1560 800 1010 36
FFH150 1500 30/45 1660 800 1010 42
FFH160 1600 30/45 1760 800 1010 42
FFH180 1800 35/50 1960 800 1010 48
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