Quickpower Baler

Quickpower Baler

Quickpower Baler
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Quickpower Baler

The Quickpower is a round baler for cut vine branches and pruning’s. The baler is technologically advanced, is extremely versatile and takes less than one minute to complete the whole baling process. The machines work with narrow or wide inter-row spacing between 750 - 2300mm, beneath overhead trellises and on any kind of ground demonstrating their great flexibility and efficiency.

The machines produce bales with a fixed size, and in view of their compact design, the Quickpower machines are also easy to manoeuvre and therefore readily transported by any type of tractor. Compacting in “soft centre” bales enables the air to pass through uniformly and therefore natural drying is guaranteed, preventing the occurrence of moulds and fermentation.

The bales, after the natural drying process can be chipped, compressed into pallets, cut or burnt whole in heat generation

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